Pedals galore.

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Having been satisfied with the previous experiments with a simple 2 stage valve preamp wrapped around the tilttone control and resonance/presence feedback loops I thought it would be interesting to hear what it had to do with several other effects. Using the models already available in the Guitarix source I went into mass production!

GxTubeTremelo - the valves with a tremelo emulation ( NOTE : tremelo is amplitude modulation but is misnamed in the majority of guitar amps as vibrato ).


GxTubeVibrato - the valves wrapped around a real vibrato ( NOTE : vibrato is frequency modulation ).


GxTubeDelay - simple delay with feedback and those valves again.


How does it all sound........maybe biased but pretty darned good to my ears. Compared to same effects without the valve wrapper there is a definite difference, sound is much "fatter" and more interesting.

Before I get lost in playing with effects back to the original plan of trying to accurately model the topology or real circuits.